Get rid of those extra pounds on your thighs!

New Delhi [India], Feb. 15 : Toned legs are like the double edged swords! They add to the appeal and the beauty quotient, while ensuring that the body is in the prime of health, able to endure more distance and hence get more things done.

In fact, American Heart Institute suggests 30 minutes of daily workout to ensure good health. Legs can be toned easily, either by doing the specific exercised mentioned below or adding weights in the workout.

Without much ado, let us straightaway jump to the exercises one may follow in order to achieve the most coveted and toned legs.

On this note, Kiran Krishnakumar, a Delhi based fitness trainer, has shared the following schedule that might help you to take a step towards being the 'perfect' leggy lass.

Squats, Squats, Squats: Squatting has to be your best friend on your pursuit of the perfect thighs. Although simple to do, squats are a great workout for building the muscles of the body. In addition to taking care of the thighs, squatting also looks after the hip and the glutes. To begin with, stand with your feet apart as per the width of the hips. Lower your body down, keeping your back straight and bending thighs parallel to the ground. Ensure that the knees are not crossing your feet. Hold that position and stand back up right, breathing out. You can increase the hold or hold weights in your hands to have a greater impact, if your body starts getting comfortable with the regular workout.

Abduction: Here is another simple exercise to tone the muscles of your thigh. Lay down on your back, perhaps over a Yoga or Pilates mat. Now, lift up one of your leg as high as you can. Hold that posture and breathe normally. Take it back to the resting position and repeat with the other leg. If the exercise sounds too simple, add ankle weights and repeat. Lunge Walk your way to toned muscles: A walk for 30 minutes has a positive effect on the body and is especially advised to avoid risk of obesity and diabetes and have a good strong heart.

Besides, when you add a lunge walk to the fitness routine for another half an hour, it results in overall fat loss, along with toning the leg muscles.

It is fairly simple to do lunge walk: stand with your hands on either sides, holding a dumbbell in each of them.

Take a step forward, while dropping the back knee, keeping it slightly above the ground, ideally parallel to it.

Repeat the movement with the other leg and keep altering as you go on lunging you way forward to toned legs.

Side Lunges: For the perfectionist that you are, only lunges would not be enough. Here comes the side lunges to give you a 360 degrees lunges workout, taking care of the entire toning of the leg.

Start with standing in a position that your feet are kept wide apart than the width of the hips. Now, put one foot further on the side and simultaneously lower yourself down to the ground, while keeping your other leg straight.

You will now feel a little stretch in inner thigh area, by which position you should stop, hold for a bit and return to the first position of rest.

Follow the same routine for the other leg. This leads us to the roundup of the thigh workout. All these exercises can be done at home without supervision of the gym instructor. However, for best results, do get in touch with a fitness trainer, to learn the exact way for doing these exercises and completely negating any chance of injury.

Source: ANI