Give your contemporary homes a traditional touch

New Delhi, Feb 17 : A little traditional touch to a contemporary home with colours, curios and cushions can make an interesting alteration to the design vibe, suggest experts.

Manisha Chanda, Director, Ishatvam, and Vibhor Jain, Director, ArgentOr Silver, suggest how:

* Colours play an important and significant role in India.

Each season, each festival is represented with a different palette of colours that can be incorporated into modern homes.

Add these vibrant colours to your space against a pastel western palette.

* Your sofa and chairs could be structured with clean lines and contemporary upholstery.

One can use cushions and throws in beautiful traditional prints and weaves to create a perfect amalgamation of traditional warmth as opposed to the relatively cold contemporary.

* Incorporate traditional materials like brass and pieces with filigree into your homes.

* Add unique pieces to your space, such as a large pichhwai (folk art dedicated to Lord Krishna) or a beautiful lantern.

They add an interesting element and are great conversation pieces.

* Use the right crockery to add traditional elements into a contemporary home.

* Furniture without ornamentation, mostly in grey/beige, something that brings neutral hues perfectly defines the contemporary aspect.

Adding a bold element of something chic and classy, like a piece of silverware, a chandelier or a majestic potted plant, can elevate the interiors celebrating the essence of simplicity with an impact.



Source: IANS