Grab hold of your very own “deliciously small” Vaya Tyffyn; available in 600 ml

New Delhi [India], Feb 7 (ANI-NewsVoir): Vaya Life, a disruptive company presently in the home ware category, has now unveiled a new set of Vaya Tyffyn's in a 'Deliciously Small' and compact 600 ml, two-container version.

In addition to the fast-selling1000 ml, three-container versions, these miniatures will also be available in the variants of Maple, Wool and Graphite.

The Vaya Tyffyn is a perfect combination of innovation and style, using simple science to ensure that food remains the way one wants to consume.

The new tyffyn's are directly available from the website at an offer price of Rs.1, 990 only.

While the 1000 ml versions are more suitable for everyday office goers, the compact 600 ml is more convenient for young executives, college students and school children.

As an introductory offer, the sleek Bag Mat along with two removable partitions will also be available with the 600 ml compact lunch boxes.

These partitions enable a customer to carry up to four varieties of food instead of just two. "At Vaya we create products that are designed to impact and improve everyday living. With our new 600 ml compact versions, we would like to transform the way our customer carries his / her meal to work, to college or to school.

Easier to carry around and store, the Vaya Tyffyn's 'Deliciously Small' lunch boxes can be used to either carry a light lunch, a healthy snack or both.

With our endeavor to make 'Life Improved' for our customers we will be constantly coming up with products that go a long way to making our customers lives richer and more full-filling every day," said Founder Vaya Life Pvt.

Ltd., Vashist. The advantages of the 600 ml Vaya Tyffyn: -The Vaya Tyffyn 600ml is a set of two containers, making the tyffyn lighter.

-Up to fourvarieties in a two-container tyffyn - The tyffyn includes two removable partitions which can be useful to carry up to four items instead or just two.

-The VacuTherm technology of Vaya tyffyn helps to retain warmth of the food in the 600 ml up to four to five hours.

-Sleek and compact - Vaya tyffyn can snuggle into any bag. -With this heat retention feature, one need not re- heat their food in a microwave, thus preventing unwanted radiation effects.

-World class design -The Vaya Tyffyn comes in a sleek oval-shaped stainless steel body, with attractive graphic cover designs.

-Every600 ml Vaya Tyffyn can also be accompanied with a smart shoulder BagMat, which unzips into a table mat.

This BagMat is water repellant, doesn't stain and adds to one's style quotient. -The Vaya Tyffyn also makes for a great gifting option which its recipients are sure to cherish and use every day.

Vaya Tyffyn features: -VacuTherm technology - Double walled high vacuum insulated stainless steel cover shell that traps the rising heat and helps retain heat.

The stainless steel cover shell is also lined with copper coating. -Two High quality copper finished stainless steel containers - that retains the freshness of the food as it is packed.

-Stainless steel side latches that puts positive pressure on the container lids thereby preventing any unwanted leakage.

-Double-shot container lids additionally help in preventing leakage of the contents within the container.

-Half-Moon lids that makes opening of the container a very easy affair. (ANI-NewsVoir).

Source: ANI