‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ to take place after ‘Infinity War’

London [UK], Apr 19 : As the reactions from the first screening are surfacing on the internet, people are starting to feel - where the franchise will go after this? The director of the movie James Gunn has finally come to an answer to this question.

Taking to Facebook, the 46-year-old-director shared a post and confirmed that Volume 3 of 'GOTG' will take place after 'Infinity War' and he will return to both write and direct the third installment.

"Much of what's happened in the MCU for the past ten or so years has been leading, in a big way, to the 'Avengers Infinity War'.

'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' will happen after all that. It will conclude the story of this iteration of the 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' and help catapult both old and new Marvel characters into the next ten years and beyond." The director also wrote about how his decision to take on a third film wasn't one he boarded idly.

He wrote, "In the end, my love for Rocket, Groot, Gamora, Star-Lord, Yondu, Mantis, Drax, and Nebula - and some of the other forthcoming heroes - goes deeper than you guys can possibly imagine, and I feel they have more adventures to go on and things to learn about themselves and the wonderful and sometimes terrifying universe we all inhabit.

And, like in both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, we will work on creating the story that goes beyond what you expect. Adding, "I will be working side-by-side with Kevin Feige and the gang to help design where these stories go, and make sure the future of the Marvel Cosmic Universe is as special and authentic and magical as what we have created so far." The acclaimed writer also shared how he never made choices in his career based on anything other than "passion and love for the stories." "I couldn't do it for the money, and I couldn't do it because it was what other people wanted me to do.

I needed to do it because it was what I needed to do. I have never made choices in my career based on anything other than passion and love for the stories and characters, and I didn't want to start now," Gunn said.

The sequel is set two-to-three months after the first film, as the Guardians come face-to-face with a new threat, Ayesha played by Elizabeth Debicki, the golden High Priestess and leader of the Sovereign people.

Helmed by James Gunn, the flick stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista and Vin Diesel in pivotal roles.

The movie is scheduled to release on May 5 in US..

Source: ANI