Gujarat Home Minister diagnosed with cancer

Ahmedabad, Nov 27 : Gujarat Minister of State for Home Pradeepsinh Jadeja has been diagnosed with throat and mouth cancer, doctors announced here on Tuesday after a surgery on Monday evening.

Jadeja, 56, was admitted to the HCG Hospital in Ahmedabad and a team of doctors led by Kaustubh Patel performed the surgery.

Hospital sources said the surgery lasted six hours and the cancer cells from the Minister's mouth were removed.

A sample of the cell has been despatched to a laboratory to ascertain the stage of the cancer he was suffering from.

Jadeja has been shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and an official bulletin from the hospital stated that he would be kept under observation for at least 72 hours.

His health is currently stable.

The Minister was not feeling well for some days and was advised to undergo several tests.



Source: IANS