Habitual offender RGV draws ire for horrific tweets on US election results

New Delhi [India], Nov.10 : Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma and his controversial tweets never fail to grab a thousand eyeballs.

In a series of sexist and racist tweets, RGV has voiced his opinion on the US election results and is ranting on the most horrible things about the Obamas' skin colour, posting Michelle's pictures in bikinis and calling Melania Trump a better First Lady because she is 'hotter' than the former.

He has been posting on his Twitter handle about how he loves whites more than blacks while masking it under 'truth, intellectualism and common sense.' Boasting about his 'inspiration' Donald Trump's win, he further went on to say that it is "advancement in human thinking is to elect a man who in his 60's can talk about grabbing a woman's P**sy" If this is what the 'Sarkar' director actually thinks, then he surely deserves all the rage he is receiving on Twitter.

Source: ANI