Halsey tagged ‘paedophile’ for kissing underage fans in the mouth

Los Angeles, March 3 : Singer Halsey has been dubbed a "paedophile" by certain social media users after a video surfaced of her kissing her underage fans in the mouth.

A Twitter user, who posted compilation footage of Halsey's interactions with young fans, wrote along with it: "Since the tl is cancelling white women now is the perfect time to bring up Halsey kissing little girls?"

"Like as a fully grown woman she was going around kissing random underage fans allegedly as young as 10 years old," the user added.

Reposting it on a forum, another user wrote: "This is honestly so disturbing and disgusting."

Still another said: "Weird.

Why is she kissing strangers on the mouth anyway? Even weirder. Let alone the fact the strangers are children. Yuck." Another similarly said: "This is f**kinf weird and creepy."

"Can adults please leave children alone?!" asked a user.

"But Halsey probably went about thinking this is cute when it's not.

These kids want a damn pic, not too be kissed," said a netizan.

A user said: "I hope y'all actually follow through on holding her accountable this time cause y'all like to let white women slide."

Another added: "Good luck bro.

women getting cancelled on pedophilia seems so out of reach and it's sad."

Halsey has not responded to the social media outcry.

The singer is currently preparing to become a mom. She announced in January that she's expecting her first child with her boyfriend screenwriter Alev Aydin, reports aceshowbiz.com.



Source: IANS