Harry Styles hits floor while attempting stage dive

London [UK], May 12 : Ouch, that must have hurt! Singer Harry Styles, who just released his first solo album decided to test out new material with a secret gig, playing at Rough Trade shop in Brooklyn, New York but it did not go as he would have expected.

With a set filled with Beatles and Bowie-inspired tracks, Styles took to the stage, blasting through the new non-One Direction material, reports The Independent.

But at one point of his secret gig the singer attempted a stage dive and the crowd was not able to support Styles and the 23-year-old singer crashed on the floor.

The publication stated, "The crowd was either not ready for his stage dive or simply couldn't hold him up, and he quickly hit the floor." They also noted that no one got injured and the 'Sign of the Times' hit-maker apologised to everyone about the failed attempt.

"After a few seconds of chaos, all involving parties got up and it thankfully appears that nobody was seriously injured.

He got up on the stage and deeply apologised with a smile about the failed attempt. Additionally, he said something along the lines that he has wanted to stage dive for a while now and that the moment felt right," the publication added.

Another fan claimed Styles accidentally kicked them in the head with his Gucci shoes. Following the fall, Styles told the crowd: "I've always wanted to do that. It felt like an appropriate time.".

Source: ANI