Haryana launches 3rd serological survey

Chandigarh, Sep 8 : Haryana has launched the third round of Covid-19 serological survey with the prevalence rate of 14.8 per cent as per the last round.

For the first time, children above the age of six will be covered.

Health Minister Anil Vij said the first round of sero survey conducted in August 2020 showed eight per cent prevalence of infection, while the second round in October had 14.8 per cent.

He said about 2,200 medical personnel have been deputed to conduct the survey and the report would be submitted within two weeks.

Vij said the third round of the survey will have a broader perspective than the one conducted earlier as 36,520 samples would be taken.

In the last survey 18,500 samples were taken.

He said children above the age of six will also be covered in the survey, and it will also be conducted in rural and urban areas.

This time, around 3,600 children in the age group of six to nine years, 11,000 between the age of 10 to 17 and 22,000 persons above the age of 18 will be included in the survey being conducted this time.

In this survey, 60 per cent of the people in rural areas and 40 per cent in urban areas will be covered.

"Through this survey, it will be understood as to whether the antibodies were developed due to the administration of vaccine or due to Covid-19 infection.

Also, the antibodies developed after the administration of first and second doses of vaccines and the percentage of antibodies developed will also be gauged through this survey," the minister added.



Source: IANS