Health warriors of J (and) K leading battle against COVID-19

Srinagar, March 27 : Meet the frontline coronavirus warriors of Kashmir -- paramedical staff who alongwith doctors have been at the forefront in the battle against the pandemic.

They have been out on the roads in Srinagar for many days, going door to door, making people aware about the deadly disease, talking about social isolation and sharing emergency contact numbers.

The health workers are ever ready to meet any eventuality at a short notice; most among them have not had a chance to go to their homes and meet their families for long.

"Our first duty is to help in what ever way we can the people facing innumerable problems," said Mohammad Altaf, a health worker.

J (and) K has seen a surge in the cases of coronavirus.

Thirteen positive cases of coronavirus have been reported across J (and) K so far, most of them from the Kashmir valley.

One person has succumbed to the disease in Kashmir.

Their families back home may be under constant mental stress, but that does not deter them from doing their jobs.

"We are fearful for our families, not about ourselves, we are worried about our families, we are health workers, we have to go out in the field to reach out to the people in distress," said Nusrat another health official.

These frontline warriors of Kashmir are the real heroes, their resilience and unwavering spirit in the midst of this crisis being a source of inspiration.



Source: IANS