Here`s how you can beat the bloat

New Delhi, Jul 29 : Neither are you pregnant nor have you gained weight, so what's with the waistband suddenly feeling tight? Pain, discomfort and a bloated tummy - the symptoms are familiar to many.

"There is no specific reason behind bloating. It may differ from an individual to individual. In some women menses can lead to bloating. Overeating can also be a reason. Sometimes long time gaps between the meals leads to overeating. One should make sure that they take small meals to avoid bloating. Eating junk, fatty and fast foods, which have a lot of oil, can cause bloating," Dr Debjani Banerjee, Incharge Dietetics, PSRI Hospital, New Delhi, told ANI.

Some people may blame the weather or the sun for their puffiness, but it turns out, "we cannot call bloating as season related specifically." "In summers if people eat a lot of junk food then bloating can happen.

Less intake of water or dehydration can lead to bloating. In winters people tend to eat a lot. This can also be a reason," noted Dr Banerjee. Dr Banerjee has listed out some go-to mantras that will help you keep your belly from ballooning: - Fruits and veggies like sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, broccoli and apricots should be avoided as they contain sugar and starch, which cause the belly woes.

- Diabetics should avoid consuming artificial sweetener as it can cause this lifestyle disease in them.

- Processed food items have fructose in them, making it difficult for many people to digest. - Dairy products can also cause the belly bloat in lactose intolerant people. - It is suggested to take whole grains, except the ones that cause the problem. - Fibers contain indigestible carbohydrates, which when consumed in higher level can lead to bloating.

It is suggested to drink a lot of water as it helps fibers to move through the digestive system easily avoiding the gassy feeling.

Source: ANI