Here`s how you can `erase` summer from your skin

By Pallavi Aman Singh New Delhi, Aug 1 : Summer break . it was fun while it lasted, but now it's time to face the fact that classes are back in session and you need to shine bright like a diamond.

When it comes to going back to college, there's a lot to consider - new wardrobe, new stationery supplies, new make-up stash and of course, a flawless face.

Nowadays, getting ready for the big year ahead requires more than just a beauty care regime at home or a visit to the local salon.

A lot of young adults now opt for cosmetic beauty treatments to correct their flaws and instill confidence.

This has mostly become popular due to the increasing trends of celebrities going in for such treatments and cosmetic corrections.

Most youngsters desire to look like a particular celebrity or to get the perfect clear and flawless skin.

This desire motivates students to opt for high quality dermatological treatments. Treatments that are non-surgical and 100 percent safe are a big hit with the college going students, who need a fix from the remains of their teenage years.

A lot of indications such as acne scars, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, contouring fat pockets, reducing volume, hair reduction, tightening skin and cellulite reduction can be treated by visiting a dermatological clinic.

Venus Clinics is one such popular clinic that has advanced technologies like Venus Freeze and Venus Versa to treat the imperfections of a person.

They have no side effects, have no to very little downtime and a big bonus - are very affordable to a college student's pocket.

A series of 6 to 8 sessions, required weekly or monthly as per indication to be treated ensures maximum results for gorgeous looking and glowing skin that will stay for a long time with just a couple of maintenance sessions each year.

Dr Geetika Mittal, founder and medical director of International Skin and Anti Aging Centre (ISAAC) also signifies the importance and features of dermatological and cosmetic treatments for the young skin.

She said, "As many students prefer wearing shorts and flaunting sleeveless tops, laser hair removal has gained importance.

It is a safe and a hygienic method to get rid of unwanted hair and flaunt flawless smooth skin without going through the rashes and burns of waxing or shaving.

It is more time efficient and attracts many youngsters due to its long term results." She further elaborated about laser acne scar treatments and its importance among college students, especially freshers.

"Acne scars are a result of teenage acne, and many youngsters suffer from this scaring problem which brings their confidence down while they enter into a new phase of life.

Laser treatment eliminates all the scars of teenage acne to which boosts their confidence and self-image." Thigh gap and flat abs are extremely popular trends among college students these days.

And they prefer to get it the easier and faster way. Various treatments are now available through which without sweating it out, one can get rid of this excessive fat.

Megha Shah from Venus Clinic suggests Venus Freeze treatment as the best way to contour yourself. It is a fast and a painless way to your body in shape without any surgery. Get ready to look flawless and perfect on your first day of college by investing in these pocket friendly treatments.

Source: ANI