Here’s what celebs have to say about on-going Indo-Pak tension

New Delhi,[India] Oct. 21 : Expressing their views on the ongoing controversy surrounding the release of 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' and the ban on Pakistani artistes, a host of Bollywood celebs voiced their support for Karan Johar and said it was extremely unfortunate that the filmmaker is being bullied for no wrong.

The celebs shared their views on the issue at the 18th Edition of Jio MAMI (Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image) Film Festival yesterday.

Condemning the move of putting a ban on actors from the neighbouring country and voicing her support for ADHM, filmmaker Zoya Akhtar said, "It is very unfortunate that a film and a filmmaker gets targeted like that.

He didn't do anything wrong, he has not broken the law. Visas are being granted by the government, it's legal for people to work here. He shot the film at a time when the situation was pleasant." "Today at the time of film's release he is being bullied and it's not fair because the government has put out a statement saying they will continue to give visas.

So, what's the issue then why are we going against the government. Business is going on, cricket is going on. So, why only the film industry has to face this? We have always been targeted," she added. Actor Abhay Deol on his part accused the government of being bias and wondered as to why the ban on exports and imports has not been implemented yet.

"If you want to ban anything to do with Pakistan then go the distance. Don't just ban the filmmakers, ban imports, exports etc. When you do half a job, no one is going to take you seriously. I don't take the government seriously. Right now, it's not looking like you mean it, it just looks like it gets you a lot of publicity and makes noise," said the 'Dev D' actor.

Adding, "I will support if you think banning anything to do with Pakistan is going to help our jawans." Echoing similar sentiments, actor Kunal Kapoor said, "Quite a pity.

I was looking forward to watching this film. How a film can have adverse effect in that sense? I hope it gets a good release and better sense prevails." Actress Kalki Koechlin said censorship of any kind is very sad.

While most of the Bollywood celebs chose to stand by the art, some remained quiet to ensure that they do not add any fuel to the fire.

When asked about his take on not exhibiting movies from Pakistan in this year's MAMI Festival, B-town's perfectionist Aamir Khan said "You should ask MAMI about this." Aamir's nephew and actor Imran Khan said that he was too scared to share his thoughts on the issue.

"I have many views but my concern is if I voice those views, I am gonna have people come and try to burn my house.

I don't want people to threaten me or beat me up. I want to avoid these things. Will keep my opinion to myself," he said. For the unversed, the movie starring Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been under fire on accounts of casting Pak actor Fawad Khan.

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), after imposing ban on Pak artistes working in India, threatened to vandalize multiplexes if they release ADHM.

Source: ANI