Here’s what Salman thinks on why he’s popular

Karachi, Aug. 9 : After being in the film fraternity for over three decades and achieving a success that's hard to surpass, Bollywood Bhaijaan Salman Khan reasons his stardom and says he is popular may be because he can do a bit of everything.

When asked whether he ever ponders the reason for his popularity, the 50-years-old 'Dabang' star told Open Magazine in an interview, "Kaun sochega, boss? Chal raha hai, toh chal raha hai.

(Who'll think about it? it's working, so it's working). Maybe I am popular because I can do a bit of everything. A bit of dancing, a bit of acting, a bit of action," reports The Dawn. He went on explaining how he makes it a point to inculcate within himself the positive characteristics of every character that he plays.

"I want my film and character to be like that. like Bruce Lee. It has to be a hero, you know. A good man who people can look up to," he said. "If I do a film, I should know I'm taking this character back home. I want to do those movies that will change my own personality. 'Wow, what a man', 'wow, what a personality.' I want this to happen to me. Maybe two per cent when I start. but karte, karte (gradually) till the end of the film, I want 25 per cent of the character's qualities in my life," he shared.

Salman, who is presently riding on the success of 'Sultan', may next concentrate on 'Dabang 3' expected to be released in 2017.

Source: ANI