High speed ‘Talgo’ train completed its trail run

Mumbai, Aug 2 : Spanish made Talgo train completed its trail run from New Delhi to Mumbai on Tuesday. The high-speed train reached the Mumbai Central Terminus late from its scheduled time due to heavy rains.

"The train reached Surat on time, but we were not able to meet the timings due to heavy rainfall beyond Surat.

We have compared the result up to Surat and the result was quite effective. We will conduct two -three more trial in next few days, where the speed will also be increased. We are sure that the result will be positive," said one of the engineers. The engineers of the train appeared quite satisfied with the performance of the train in the first trail run.

The engineer said, "The most important aspect of this train is its natural tilting mechanism. There are 400-500 curves between Delhi to Mumbai where we had to deaccelerate the speed of our conventional coaches due to natural tilting mechanism of these trains.

It can maintain its usual speed even on those curves." The light-weightiness and less energy consumption are few other aspects, which make these trains different from usual trains.

The coaches will be further customized as per the specification and requirements. The people waiting to have a first glimpse of this train also appeared to be quite impressed with the structure and interiors.

"India needs these types of trains. Overall, the train is good. It was not a flop trail. If it would not have been raining then they might have reached on time," said one of them. Talgo aims to cut the travel time between Delhi and Mumbai to 12 hours. The next trial runs will be carried out on August 3 and August 5. Spanish-made train became the fastest train in the country by clocking a speed of 180 kmph by covering 84 km in 38 minutes in a trial conducted by Railways on Mathura-Palwal route, surpassing the record of Gatimaan Express.

Source: ANI