HomePunch records 400 pct sale surge in air purifiers as toxic clouds engulf Delhi-NCR

New Delhi [India], Nov 8 : India's exclusive e-megastore for home and kitchen appliances HomePunch has stepped up its operations as consumers are logging in for respite from air pollution clouding visibility and affecting health across Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR).

How desperate consumers are to escape the ill-effects of the smog blanketing the region can be gauged from the mindboggling 400 percent surge in sales of air purifiers and dehumidifiers across brands, including Kent, Philips, Panasonic etc.

"We had anticipated that as the focused online megastore of domestic appliances, HomePunch would draw people seeking air purifiers and dehumidifiers after Diwali, when the air anyway becomes quite thick with pollution.

The sales surge, however, is unexpected. We have alerted all our brands, their wholesale and retail networks to be ready with available stocks," said CEO HomePunch, Sachin Goel.

Since the morning after October 31th, Delhi-NCR, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have been reeling under severe air pollution.

According to experts, the smog is the result of farmers burning crop-residue in and around Delhi-NCR, unsettled dust due to heavy construction activities and vehicular emissions, further intensified by cracker-burning during Diwali on October 31st.

HomePunch offers the most expansive range of quality goods that include highly sought-after products by globally renowned brands such as Panasonic, Kent, Philips, and Sharp.

At present, some of the most popular products on the platform are Kent External Room Purifier, Kent Aura Table Top Air Purifier, and Sharp IG-CL 15E-W Room Air Purifier.

With the air quality deteriorating rapidly in and around the Delhi-NCR region, HomePunch has, apart from offering best deals on air purifiers, assigned dedicated resources on ensuring express delivery of the appliances to help avoid unnecessary health complications.

Source: ANI