Horse Show at Bateshwar cattle fair enthralls visitors

Bateshwar (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Nov.5 : A horse show organised at the Bah Bateshwar animal fair in Agra saw numerous horses with a few of them taking part in a race.

The show was inaugurated by Agra commissioner Chandrakant. Bateshwar, which forms an important part of the Hindu pilgrimage circuit, is referred to as the 'son of the Dhams' has been reduced to just hosting an annual 'cattle fair'.

The fair attracts large numbers of camels, horses, oxen, elephants, goats, and other cattle, as well as a multitude of tradesmen selling everything from traditional cooking utensils and spices to locally made furniture, handicrafts and cosmetics.

The fair provides a colourful, vibrant and entirely authentic glimpse of rural Indian life..

Source: ANI