How Priyanka Chopra inspired Nick Jonas’ single ‘This Is Heaven’

Los Angeles, March 5 : Singer-actor Nick Jonas has revealed that his latest single, This Is Heaven, was about how he felt after he reunited with wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, when she returned from Germany post her shooting for the upcoming film in The Matrix franchise.

"It was just meant to encapsulate kind of that euphoric feeling of being with your person.

For me, it's obviously a romantic thing, but I think for anybody that listens to this song... it's really about that feeling of when we're going to do that first normal thing again, or when we're going to see that the friends and family we haven't seen in almost a year or beyond," Nick said in an interview on SiriusXM Hits.

This is Heaven is the second single on Nick Jonas' upcoming album, Spaceman, which was released by the 28-year-old last month on Saturday Night Live!

"I think that it's just that magical connection you've got with somebody when it's right.

And it's been a while, you know, first couple years of a marriage, but I'm very blessed. But so far as it relates to the music and everything, you know, that this project and this whole kind of like the second chapter of this year, starting back in July, just digging into the creative, I think it was just a life source for me to just stay sane and, and kind of keep my head on straight amidst all the craziness," Jonas added.



Source: IANS