HP power utility puts incomplete transmission line to use

Shimla, April 14 : The state-run Himachal Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Ltd has put an incomplete transmission line to use after incurring avoidable expenditure of Rs 0.78 crore, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has said.

The corporation awarded the work for construction of 220 KV double circuit transmission line from Kashang to Bhaba in June 2005 to contractor Jyoti Structure Ltd of Gurgaon.

As per the contract, the contractor would ensure the minimum technical ground clearance from the lowest conductor and side clearances.

The company during its inspection of the works had observed in July 2009 that the line could not be charged at that stage to full rated capacity because of inadequate ground clearance at various places and advised the contractor to complete the work, a CAG report tabled in the state assembly last week said.

The auditor noticed that the required works of the line were not executed despite repeated notices to the contractor from October 2010 to April 2011.

The company has started using the line.

In order to achieve the required clearances, it had to incur a further expenditure of Rs 0.78 crore of its own.

The failure of the company to ensure required clearance of the line before putting the line to use resulted in avoidable expenditure of Rs 0.78 crore, the CAG said.

The auditor did not get the reply of the state government and the company on putting an incomplete transmission line to use till November last year.



Source: IANS