I get affected by failures but learn from them: Arjun Kapoor

New Delhi [India], May 14 : Actor Arjun Kapoor believes that success and failure are a part of life, but one should not get bogged down by failures.

After acting in flops like 'Tevar' and 'Ki (and) Ka' the 31-year-old actor is back with a bang in Mohit Suri's upcoming rom -com 'Half Girlfriend'.

When asked how much office box office success matters to him, the 'Gunday' actor told ANI, "We do films to be consumed by maximum number of people.

You want as many people to come and to enjoy. We are here to entertain people and we want to give them value to money. But, when that does not happen, we do get affected. It is natural, it is human." "I do get affected by failure, but, you try and learn from it and move ahead, and you try not to repeat the mistakes, and you, always keep the audience in the mind as at the end of the day we are working for them.

We will continue work till they like our work, and when they don't like you recessed and try harder next time, he added.

He further said, "But, there is so much love out there for us that we manage to get that energy from our audience.

They are forgiving if the intend is right, and even when you make a mistake, they still allow you to comeback with another film.

So, I always believe that hits and flops happen. Nobody has a 100 percent record at the box office. As an actor, what you need to know is that the audience has appreciated the effort, sometimes in smaller quantity and sometimes in a bigger quantity.

Arjun and Shraddha Kapoor were recently in the national capital along with the film's director Mohit Suri and Chetan Bhagat as a part of the 'Half Girlfriend' promotions.

Expressing similar sentiments, Shraddha said, "What really matters to me is being a part of the film and the journey of making the film.

How my film does at the box office is not in my hands. I try giving my best in the film. Of course, if any of my films don't do well at the box office it's natural to feel disappointed but, I don't really bog myself down with it, because I have to focus on making my other films." On a related note, Mohit Suri's directorial 'Half Girlfriend' which is an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat's bestselling novel of the same name, will see Arjun in the role of a Bihari boy, whereas Shraddha will seen playing Riya Somani, a rich Delhi brat in the film.

The movie is all set to hit theatres on May 19.

Source: ANI