Corporal horror: Student loses eyesight after getting canned by vice-principal

Allahabad, (Uttar Pradesh), [India], May 14 ANI: In yet another case of corporal punishment, a Class XII student of St.

Joseph's School, Allahabad became the victim of brutality of the worst kind. Serven Terence (14), lost vision in his right eye allegedly because he was caned by the vice-principle for standing in the morning assembly with his school bag on.

Initially the student was being treated in Allahabad, but now is in Lucknow. The family of the victim registered the First Information Report (FIR) in the regard on last Friday against the accused in the Civil Lines police station in the city.

On May 9, Terence went to school and stood in the morning assembly with his bag on, spotting which vice-principal Leslie Cotino started canning him with a baton and amid the act the baton struck his right eye which started bleeding.

He was rushed to the hospital in Allahabad, from where he was sent to Lucknow where it was informed that Terence has lost vision in his right eye.

Serven, who is the lone child of his parents, will undergo surgery in a month. Meanwhile, an investigation has been launched into the matter..

Source: ANI