‘If you talk about it you’re automatically out of the race’: Tom Hardy fuels James Bond rumours

London [UK], Jan. 17 : Tom Hardy, who happens to be among the speculated contenders for the role of 007 in the next movie, recently confirmed his interest in playing the infamous agent.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, the 39-year-old actor was keen to express enthusiasm at the interviewer's suggestion 'Inception' director Christopher Nolan take over the franchise, the Guardian reports.

"Oh, wow, Chris would be amazing!" said the 'Mad Max: Fury Road' star, adding, "Wow, that would be cool.

That would be so cool." However, Hardy ducked the question of his taking over the mantle from current actor Daniel Craig.

Hardy said, "There's a saying amongst us in the fraternity of acting. That if you talk about it you're automatically out of the race. So I can't possibly comment on that one!" Craig's continuation in the role has yet to be confirmed, after his assertion that he would "rather slash my wrists" than make another Bond movie.

Regarding the intense speculation about who might replace the 48-year-old actor, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Jamie Bell and Tom Hughes have been mooted along.

Source: ANI