IIT-Delhi startup launches reusable antimicrobial mask

New Delhi, May 6 : With increasing demand for face masks to contain transmission of deadly COVID-19 virus, an IIT-Delhi startup has launched an antimicrobial and washable face mask that can be reused upto 50 launderings.

The startup named Nanosafe Solutions has developed "NSafe", which the team claims can reduce cost of using mask effectively.

The mask is a highly engineered triple-layered product consisting of - inner hydrophilic layer for comfort, middle layer having antimicrobial activity and outer most layer having water and oil repellent behaviour.

"NSafe mask has 99.2% bacterial filtration efficiency (at 3 microns) and complies with ASTM standards of breathability and splash resistance," IIT-Delhi said in a statement.

"The mask is extremely comfortable and breathable.

Elastic band in the chin region and wire in the nose region provides adequate fit of the mask to the wearer," it added.

The team that developed the mask consists of Dr Anasuya Roy, an IIT Delhi alumnus, Founder and CEO of Nanosafe Solutions and Professor Mangala Joshi, Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering, IIT Delhi.

Claiming that the mask is first of its kind in India, Joshi said, "We believe this is the first fabric-based antimicrobial face mask launched in India, which is washable and reusable along with very high Bacterial Filtration Efficiency as tested according to ASTM standards.

It is engineered to have very good breathability and comfort."

The mask enhances protection to the wearer through three different mechanisms: mechanical filtration, antimicrobial decontamination and repulsion of aerosol droplets.

The startup plans to launch the mask at MRP of Rs 299 (Pack of 2) and Rs 589 (Pack of 4).

The startup has already started manufacturing the masks.



Source: IANS