Important for mothers to keep their nutrition game up: Nutritionist

New Delhi, Nov 2 : Nutritionist and fitness expert Madhuri Ruia says that mothers are constant multi-taskers and hence it is important for them to keep their nutrition in check and also to ensure that that their family members are taking adequate amount of vitamins and minerals.

"Today's multi-faceted mothers are constant multi-taskers, pursuing their passion and jobs and at the same time successfully fulfilling their roles as mothers are key decision makers in terms of nutrition intake in any household.

Therefore it is important for them to keep their nutrition game up and ensure their children and family members also maintain their daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

"Besides, taste remains an important criteria for Indian consumers, and functional foods/juices which are present in palatable and tasty formats work very well with them," she told IANS on the sidelines of the launch of a new variant Tropicana Essentials Multi Vitamins.

Ruia also feels that urban consumers are living their lives on-the-go and always tend to be pressed for time.

"What they forget is, not being at your healthiest can make you lose out on your daily commitments," she said.

An alumnus of the American Academy of Nutrition, Ruia is a known fitness, posture, pilates and nutrition expert.

She feels that the fast-paced lives often lead to compromised nutrition.

"Young consumers, and millennial moms are leading rushed lifestyles. In fact, in today's packed lifestyle - supporting a healthy immune system is also becoming difficult. This may be due to lack of adequate nutrients in the diet.

"During all this, they are constantly on the lookout for convenient, on-the-go nutritional options and solutions.

Functional/ fortified options are growing even in household/daily needs categories for instance multigrain atta, fortified high fibre biscuits, products for diabetics," she said.



Source: IANS