In Midnapore BJP wants Diwali sans Chinese Stamp

Midnapore (West Bengal) [India], Oct. 29 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday distributed earthen lamps to send out a message against use of Chinese firecrackers and lights.

Shopkeepers were directly asked to sell only Indian firecrackers and earthen lamps during Diwali. "China is one of those countries which is creating problems for India. They are directly helping Pakistan. That is why we are boycotting Chinese products," Minority Morcha Secretary, Kamal Hossain Khan told ANI.

"We are distributing the earthen lamps to the shopkeepers. They are also supporting us in our initiative," he added. The entire nation is raising its voice in unison against Pakistan post the September 18 terror attack in Uri in Jammu and Kashmir.

For this they are avoiding the use of Chinese products during Diwali, as they believe Beijing is supporting Islamabad.

Activists have been running campaigns across the city and on social media urging one and all to boycott products from 'Pakistan's friend' China.

Consumption of Chinese products has come down in recent days. Be it decorative items or any other product..

Source: ANI