India should take the lead in handling Tibet issue, says US author

New Delhi [India], Nov. 9 : Author and activist James Rinaldi on the occasion of the launch on his book said Tibet is an issue that should be approached regionally with India spearheading the efforts and not internationally.

"The West has had 30 years to free Tibet and they blew it. It didn't turn out well. My argument in my 20 years of working with the Tibetans is that the whole Tibet issue is best approached not internationally but as a regional issue with India taking the lead," Rinaldi told ANI on the occasion of the release of his book titled, 'Saviours and Fools' .

"I truly believe that the time for China in the region is passing and I think its India's time," he added.

Appreciating India's helpful efforts towards Tibetans, Rinaldi said, "India is working with Tibetans and helping them with their own level of self determination.

If you remember they offered Tibetans the right to vote. They are helping them with social programs probably lending and property ownership. These are the kind of things that help Tibetans on the ground." Responding to a poser on Republican Donald Trump winning the US presidential election and his relationship with India in the near future, Rinaldi said, "Regarding Donald Trump's relation to India, I feel that he will not be engaged enough to make a large difference but this tells me one thing that it is India's time for leadership." Touting Trump that he would be unable to handle diplomacy and foreign policies, the author said, "He is probably not a government person and this is the most frightening part for Americans.

You can run the US like a business but you can't run foreign policy like a business. There is diplomacy. For instance will someone like Trump have the patience to deal with China? This is very frightening to many Americans." Trump won the US presidential election early this morning in a stunning victory as he took the key swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conceded her defeat after Trump ended long election by grabbing 276 electoral votes from 27 states, six more than the 270 needed to win the Presidency.

Source: ANI