India’s top defence experts expect major offensive against Pak

New Delhi [India] May 2 : Defence experts here expect India to launch a major offensive against Pakistan following the retrieval of mutilated bodies of two Indian Army soldiers in the Krishna Ghati area of Jammu and Kashmir on Monday.

This assessment is based on the prevailing mood in the country. A demand is also being made for appointing a full time defence minister and to give the army a free hand in launching cross-border tactical strikes.

Here are the excerpts of the defence experts' views told to ANI: C Uday Bhaskar: The Pakistani act has united the country both in the terms of anguish and anger.

Indian Army has already indicated that there would be the equivalent of the appropriate response. Moreover, there is also political resolve that has indicated that there would be a firm response. This would lead to a certain escalation wherein one should not be surprised if heavy guns are used against Pakistan.

India would have to evolve or describe that what would be the effective, affordable and sustainable response so that Pakistan complies in a manner that India expects of it.

P K Sehgal: Pakistan is continuing such barbaric acts because the punishment meted out to it was not commensurate with its offence.

I am sure that this time the government and the army will give Pakistan such punishment that it will not dare to repeat the mistake in future.

Pakistani Army has been committing such brutalities in all the provinces under its control. This is a wakeup call for the international community that they must act significantly to stop this barbarism by Pakistan.

When last time the Indian army was given a free hand then Indian retaliation was so fierce that the Pakistan DGMO was forced to request India DGMO to stop retaliation.

Raj Kadyan: Whenever Pakistan commits such barbaric acts then we become sad but not surprised at it has been committing such crimes time and again.

Pakistan did it during 1971 war, Kargil War and has been committing barbarism along the Line of Control.

Question is: what will we do now? We have been using strong words but until we are able to make Pakistan repay the cost of such acts she will not refrain from such habits.

D S Grewal: The Pakistani barbarism is fit for global condemnation. Pakistan must be declared a terrorist state immediately. Indian Army's retaliation after the incident is okay but the next strike must be fiercer so that Pakistan is shaken to the bones.

If it is not done then India will be considered as a weak nation. A full time defence minister must take charge and give the army full powers. Though Defence Minister Jaitley has said full powers have been given to the army but action should be on the ground and not on the papers.

S K Chatterjee: The act can't be done by a modern army which Pakistan army has done. This reflects on the lack of leadership in Pakistan Army and lack of respect for the human rights. The local commanders already have a free hand and the government has once again reinforced those orders and Pakistan will be taught a lesson.

Rameshwar Rai: The Pakistan Army has become a terrorist in the course of hobnobbing with terrorists. The state policy of Pakistan considers those terrorists strategic assets who are being nurtured by it.

India should break the 14-year-old ceasefire. The destroying of posts is not sufficient. Pakistani troops and its strategic asset terrorists should be targeted in a direct raid. Sunil Deshpande: India will retaliate as per its own time and place. But, the army must be give a free hand otherwise it can't take appropriate action. Not only on the border but the army needs a free hand in Kashmir also where it has been made a police force.

The army needs a free hand like in 1991 then only peace will prevail in Kashmir. Alok Bansal: Pakistan Army is an extremely unprofessional army with no ethics. They (Pakistan army) mutilated the bodies of the Indian soldiers, which is the lowest level of human behaviour.

I am sure the Indian Army would give them a befitting reply..

Source: ANI