Indulge in your guilty pleasures and scream for ice cream at ‘Ice Pan Creamery’

New Delhi [India], Jan 29 : Adding a line-up of delightful flavors that are surely to pamper your sweet lobby, Ice Pan Creamery, an all vegetarian Indian Ice cream brand has introduced its new menu of lip smacking Ice Cream rolls, Layered Ice Cream rolls and beverages all across its outlets in New Delhi.

Offering ice cream bowls of what promises to be 'best than the rest', the brand is renowned for its ice creams which are dairy free, additives and preservatives free, and made with fresh ingredients at live preparations.

It offers an array of exotic flavors ranging from Strawberry Passion fruit, Hazelnut Oreo, Ferrero Rocher Shake, Classic Cold Coffee, Caramelized Chocochip Muffin to the Banarasi Paan with Rum Raisin that are delicious and exceptional.

Also, the place serves some excellent varieties of warm waffles including Banana Caramel Rolls on Mappled Waffle and Nutella with classic Vanilla Ice Cream with Waffle.

It also serves beverages including virgin mojitos, cold coffees and a range of shakes to choose from, that can perfectly match a combo of Salsa Paneer Sandwich, Veg Harissa Sandwich and Nachos Salsa Platter.

An ideal place for all ice cream lovers, The Ice Pan Creamery is co-founded by Lav Trivedi, Ujjwal Agarwal and Abhishek Agrawal with a vision to offer its customers a blend of European-Indian desserts while retaining the magic of fabulous decadent ice cream combinations.

With variety of flavors to choose from, the outlet prepares all its servings using fresh ingredients poured on flatbed pans of nitrogen with temperatures below -50 degrees.

These ingredients are then crushed using spatula, flattened and shaped into exotic rolls, which seems like an artist creating a masterpiece.

Items such as Banarasi Paan with Rum Raisin, Warm Nutella Waffle with classic Vanilla Ice Cream and the Ferrero Rocher Rolls are a must have for your guilty pleasures.

With adequate serving for two people at reasonable prices, the place is a hit as it is convincing enough, and scored high on our expectations, and the bar of value for money.

Place: Ice Pan Creamery Timings: 11 AM to 11:00 PM Cost for two: Rs. 250 (approx.) Address: DLF Place Saket (Food Court).

Source: ANI