Internet as powerful as nuclear bomb: John C. Reilly

Los Angeles, Nov 16 : Actor John C. Reilly feels Internet is the central issue of our time, and says it was exciting to address several concerns around it through a "fun and entertaining" story with "Ralph Breaks the Internet".

"Ralph Breaks the Internet", a sequel to "Wreck-It Ralph", shows the way the Internet affects everyone's life, and puts a spotlight on online bullying and trolling.

"I remember this one really moving conversation I had with them (the makers of the film) where I realised the Internet is like the central issue of our time," Reilly said while explaining his process of getting into the character.

"Our relationship to this technology, its power, and its effect on us, we don't even quite understand yet.

It's as powerful as like a nuclear bomb. But it uses other means," he added.

The actor says it was "really exciting in the context of an entertaining Disney film to be able to talk about some of these issues in a really real way".

"Its effect on people..Why do we crave the anonymous acceptance of people we don't know? All of this stuff. The way we're bombarded with commerce on the Internet. So we made this fun entertaining story," he said at the press conference on his forthcoming animated film "Ralph Breaks the Internet" here.

Directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, "Ralph Breaks the Internet" brings back Ralph (Reilly) and his fellow misfit Vanellope von Schweetz, voiced by Sarah Silverman.

This time, the digital duo go on a journey to explore the world of Internet, where they hope to find a replacement steering wheel for Vanellope's own racing game, the arcade classic Sugar Rush.

The Walt Disney Animation Studios' project will release in India on November 23.

Reilly says it was a "real treat to get into the studio again" with Silverman.

"In a way, like our friendship has aged five years since the last film.

So it tracks in a way with Ralph and Vanellope. Sarah is not my only friend. One of my only friends," he added.

Talking about working on the film, Reilly said: "It was a real treat to be able to start at a place of intimacy with Sarah and with Phil and Rich and everybody.

We all kind of knew each other. And we learned how to work together on the first film. And we built these characters and the story together. So that when it came time to start this one, we could start from a very advanced place in terms of the kind of conversations we could have about the relationships and all that."

He insisted the cast should get together in a room "as much as possible".

"Because I know the way improv works, it works best in real time.

So yeah. There's a ton of improvised stuff, which Phil and Rich were very kind to just let us explore things every day."

With the animated film, he hopes children are entertained.

"And feel like this story relates to them.

And that they recognise some of their own friendships in these characters."

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Source: IANS