Iranian Navy warns U.S. ship off sinking fishing boat in Persian Gulf

Moscow [Russia], September 11 : An Iranian missile boat sent a warning signal to a U.S. Navy ship that closed on a fishing boat in the Persian Gulf. According to a press statement by the Iranian Navy, Iranian fishing boat Shams was travelling 45 nautical miles off the Jask port in the Hormozgan province testing its engine, when it started to sink.

Upon receiving a distress signal from Shams, Iranian Navy missile boat Falahen set off to rescue the sinking boat.

"It is reported that a U.S. Navy ship with the vessel number 02 approached the mentioned [fishing boat] when the missile boat 'Falahen' sent a warning signal and forced the ship to leave the area," Sputnik International quoted the statement, as saying.

The crew of the boat in distress was rescued. The cause of the incident is still unidentified. The incident is one of many times when US' and Iranian maritime forces have come dangerously near conflict and likely will not be the last.

In a similar incident in August, Pentagon officials had said that the Iranian speedboats had "harassed" US warships in the Strait of Hormuz.

Source: ANI