Ishaan Khatter: Horror comedy ‘Phone Bhoot’ pushes me into a different space

New Delhi, Sep 25 : Ishaan Khatter is all set to try his skills at comedy with Phone Bhoot, and the young actor is excited.

"Of course I am terribly excited, and also very enthusiastic to share screen space with Siddhant (Chaturvedi) who is a friend of mine," Ishaan told IANS, adding that the script "was something that really convinced me to do it".

"Phone Bhoot" is a horror comedy co-starring Katrina Kaif and Sidhant Chaturvedi, and Ishaan describes it as a laugh riot.

"It is a laugh riot. Horror comedies have been done before but this is an exceptionally funny film. It's very meta in its humor, it's a film that doesn't go from gag to gag. It has a funny and interesting story but it's also just hysterical throughout," he claimed.

"For me, this is my first in the comedy genre and I am very excited because it is so different from everything I have done before."

Ishaan says the film will help him explore himself.

"It will push me into a totally different space as an actor, I was looking for something like this. I have done a lot of work that has been intense. This will be a new fun direction to explore," he said.



Source: IANS