‘ItTakes2’ campaign to raise happy, healthy baby!

New Delhi [India], Dec. 26 : Understanding that parenting is an uplifting and rewarding experience in itself, Pampers recognizes the importance that inclusive parenting plays in a baby's holistic development.

With this aim, Pampers has launched its latest campaign 'ItTakes2'. At the heart of #ItTakes2 is the thought that the involvement of both the mother and the father in baby chores and spending quality time with the baby is essential for the cognitive, social as well as emotional well- being of the baby.

The campaign is backed by a survey commissioned by Pampers in association with AC Nielsen across India's top metro cities.

The Pampers 'It Takes 2' Survey held with 432 parents in total, popped up some startling facts on parental behavior: revealed startling facts on parental behavior, appended: . 97 percent moms believe that IT TAKES 2 to raise a Happy, Healthy baby, . 90 percent moms want their husbands to be more involved in Baby Care, . 88 percent moms agree that their husbands hesitate to change diapers, . 88 percent dads believe that baby chores primarily need only the mom's involvement.

The campaign is also backed by a survey commissioned by Pampers in association with IPSOS in 2016 which highlights that 97 percent doctors believe that both parents must be involved for the baby's development.

Commenting on the survey, P (and) G Spokesperson said, "Pampers has always held Babies at the Centre of the Brand, and truly strives for the Happy, Healthy Development of babies.

The Nielsen survey brings forth the fact that a happy, healthy baby needs active participation from both Mom and Dad, right from Day 1.

The IPSOS survey suggests that Paediatricians and Child Psychologists also agree that involvement of the mother as well as the father towards baby care has a direct correlation towards better cognitive and social development of the baby.

The results thus, pose a very interesting question to all the young parents out there, If #ItTakes2 to make a baby, shouldn't It Take 2 to raise a baby?".

Source: ANI