J-K Govt. committed to boost sericulture industry in Kashmir

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Nov. 5 : The Jammu and Kashmir Government has taken an initiative to boost the age old traditional sericulture industry.

Kashmiri cocoons are very famous due to its purity and people from across the world prefer to purchase silk products made in the Kashmir Valley and the sector helps a lot to boost the economy.

But unfortunately, from the last two decades due to some circumstances the industry lost its glory and importance which enforced the government to takes some positive steps to revive this industry for the benefit of the people of the valley.

"There was a time when Kashmir was known for silk. I just want to develop the sector once again and promote the sector in between people. Being our traditional sector I just want to promote it. I am happy that now even good amount is being paid for this silk in the market," said Jammu and Kashmir Agriculture Minister Gulam Nabi Hanjura.

The government has already announced some small schemes including free plant material and distributing of free raring kits that growers are using during raring process of cocoons which have helped them a lot.

"This is as very old industry, Number of people was employed in this industry form the very beginning.

Now the government has introduced new technology and we take use of high quality of silkworm to generate more silk.

Now we even get Rs. 1000 for 1 Kilogram of Cocoon," said a Cocoon Grower. Sericulture authorities also organized cocoon auction market where the growers of valley sold their cocoons to local merchants from neighbouring countries and states including West Bengal, Karnataka and Bhopal.

Source: ANI