J K Rowling comforts anxious Kate after receiving troubled tweet

London [UK], Nov. 18 : 'Harry Potter' author J K Rowling recently sent a reassuring tweet to an anxious young fan who said she wouldn't mind if she didn't wake up in the morning.

The fan, known as Kate, tweeted her unhappiness to Rowling, who quickly responded saying she (Rowling) would "mind very much" and urged the fan to talk to someone "close" to her, reports the Daily Mail.

The 51-year-old writer, who is well known for responding directly to her followers on Twitter, was clearly worried by the tweet.

The fan penned the troubling message last night, writing, "Everything keeps falling apart, I can't... I'm tired... @jk_rowling I'm not saying I'll give up, but I wouldn't mind if I didn't wake up tomorrow." Just a minute later, Rowling issued a reassuring tweet in response, saying, "@AlwaysJLover I would mind.

I'd mind very much. You need to tell someone close to you how you're feeling, Kate." Other tweeters offered the fan their own words of comfort.

"@AlwaysJLover @jk_rowling but the sun will rise tomorrow and everything will be ok." "I would mind! You matter to so many! Please don't do anything rash! I lost my friend to suicide, and it affects many!" one user reassured the fan.

While another user took the chance to compare other's struggles "greater" than Kate's. "know that there are others who's struggle is greater than yours,yet they choose to believe in the goodness of life," the user wrote.

The youngster, however, has yet to respond to the tweets..

Source: ANI