JADE clocks decade in fashion industry, pays special tribute to craftpeople

New Delhi, July 20 : Monica and Karishma's brand JADE celebrates ten years in Indian fashion this year and the designers have paid a special tribute to the craftsmen of the country who pour their hearts into each fabric.

"This year, we celebrate completing ten years in Indian fashion.

It's a very special milestone for us, and we're celebrating by paying tribute to the three pillars on which JADE rests firm and proud - India, our eternal muse, the brides who add their own unique beauty to our creations and our craftsmen who pour their hearts into each fabric," Monica told IANS in an e-mail interview.

Added Karishma: "In an homage to our craftsmen who make JADE what it truly is, their names will be woven on the label of each ensemble from our 10th anniversary limited edition collection to immortalise their devotion to the craft."

Launched in 2008, the brand saw Monica and Karishma bring their 20 years of experience in international fashion and haute couture to their own brand, custom created for the Indian fashion landscape.

Having worked with several international designers under their flagship export brand "Chanakya", while staying rooted to Indian craftsmanship and artistry, allowed them to craft JADE into a label with a distinct handwriting of its own - a seamless union of old world charm and new age sensibilities.

Today, the brand has evolved to become offer not only a tapestry of heritage and an ode to Indian culture , but also a contemporary representation that ensures techniques passed down from generation to generation, remain alive and relevant in today's fashion landscape.

"I think there's been a very distinct shift in sensibilities - brides and their families have developed a more refined taste now when it comes to wedding outfits and accessories.

When we started out with monochrome bridal wear ten years ago, we got many raised eyebrows and looks of disbelief! But, that's no longer the case today.

"Now, we have brides who know exactly what they want, and it's not something that's been done over and over for as long as anyone can remember," said Monica.

So how the market for bespoke and designer clothing in India has evolved over the years?

"Exposure to fashion and cultures across the world, along with a growing awareness of our own culture, heritage and diversity has made the audience more discerning.

"They are aware of international trends as well as Indian fabrics and techniques, they are open to experimentation and playing with silhouettes, and above all, they are very focused on making style a very clear medium of their artistic expression.

There's definitely a demand for understated yet elegant ensembles with tailoring and silhouettes at par with international standards," said Karishma.

Jade's vision for the modern-day woman is to enable her to find her own unique aesthetic that reflects her individuality.

"We hope to help women develop an appreciation for Indian heritage and ancient crafts and techniques," feels Karishma.

Added Monica: "The women of today know that traditional motifs can perfectly exist within a contemporary framework without looking too forced or jarring, and through our creations we want them to explore this to the fullest and refine it into something deeply personal and intimate, something that doesn't remain hidden in their closet for years on end but finds its way into their everyday ensembles in delightful ways!"

Any plans for Bollywood styling?

"Bollywood styling is starkly different from working on your Couture Brand.

It requires a whole different approach, in terms of research and planning since it's thematic," says Monica.

Added Karishma: "We've not really given this a complete shot but we're open to exciting opportunities for the near and distant future, but for now we're mainly focusing on creating memorable, timeless collections that are true to our core values."

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Source: IANS