Javits Centre: Clinton supporters shudder as Trump takes the lead

New York [United States], Nov. 9 : Javits Centre, the massive convention center where Democrat Hillary Clinton is to set up her post-election shop, is thriving with bustling scribes who are monitoring the see-sawing vote count, and despite Republican candidate Donald Trump in the lead at the moment, they stand firm that the results will turn around in Hillary's favour.

According to the current results, Trump has taken the lead with 168 to Hillary's 122, but this did not perturb an African-American scribe, who stated that nothing can be said for certain until the final count.

"Trump is looking stronger right now, I think he is leading the points now but I don't think we can still predict something", the journalist said.

Hazel Edney, who works for Trice Edney Wire told ANI in an exclusive conversation that she waited for a long time to finally get to this night.

"I think African American people would vote more than 90% for Hillary Rodham Clinton. It has been very interesting that Donald trump has reached out to the African American community but I think it is going to be too little too late," she said.

A positive Hazel added that at the end of the night there is going to be a victory party for Hillary, asserting that it would take a miracle for Trump to win this election.

Meanwhile, markets went haywire across the globe with the election results trickling in. Stocks in Tokyo, Hong Kong and other major markets were down by as much as 2 percent as of late morning, after Japanese shares reversed earlier gains.

Stock market futures pointed to a sell-off looming on Wall Street, with Dow Jones index futures trading about 2.5 percent lower.

The Indian market opened in the red as sensex went down over 1000 points..

Source: ANI