JobsForHer Launches MentorForHer, a Mentorship Board for Women

New Delhi [India], Feb. 6 : JobsForHer (JFH), a connecting portal that enables women on a professional break to restart their careers, launched its exclusive Mentorship Board - MentorForHer for women relaunching their careers.

The online Mentorship Board includes some of the most prominent experts from multifarious industries across India.

The concept of mentorship has been highly regarded by people across the world since ancient times. Today, mentorship can be witnessed in the corporate sphere as well, with men and women seeking out mentors to give them a sense of purpose, direction, and inspiration in their careers.

To make the journey less challenging, JFH's MentorForHer initiative gives women the opportunity to pick seasoned expertise from an industry veteran on where to go next, and how to re-enter the workforce that they once had to leave behind.

Launched by Vaishali Kasture, Partner, Deloitte Consulting at the JobsForHer Ambassador Meetup, the Mentorship Board is an excellent networking opportunity for women and individuals who wish to support them in their endeavor.

"Usually, women lose confidence, connectivity, and their network when they take a career break. The JobsForHer Mentorship Board provides them with valuable credentials like an informal peer group, contacts, and access to the best corporates in India," said Kasture.

"The support and encouragement Mentorship offers is a huge confidence-builder for women restarting their careers.

Women need that someone to guide them and give them a little push back up the ladder. The Mentorship Board provides multiple sources of expertise from mentors drawn from varied fields eager to point women in the right direction to meet the many challenges they face during their break," added Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO, JobsForHer.

The Mentorship Board boasts of featured mentors from varying industry backgrounds, such as Banking and Financial Services, Consulting, HR, E-commerce, Real Estate, CSR and IT, across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune.

Mentors can also showcase a Personal Branding page on the JobsForHer's Mentors section, which receives 1.5Lakh visitors per month.

Additionally, the 'Follow Mentor' feature on the Mentors profile page helps build a pipeline of followers who wish to seek their expertise, and would like to connect with them.

Mentors can thus build their personal brand image and follower base. JFH will also host online Webinars, where mentors can share their expertise on a subject with women on a monthly basis.

It is designed to address questions and provide essential pointers on trends in the current workforce.

The mentors will identify proactive and reactive job search strategies by identifying and developing the candidate's key competitive advantages.

Source: ANI