Jugnoo pioneers offline auto-rickshaw booking; files for patent

New Delhi, July 26 : Jugnoo files a patent that allows operations of its app in offline mode as well. Progressively transforming the current ride hailing ecosystem, Jugnoo renovates its internet dependent smartphone application, into an internet independent system, facilitating booking rides for users even with no internet access.

The feature facilitates a process for connecting Jugnoo users to Jugnoo app in an offline mode. "In an era such as today, while we talk of groundbreaking technologies and internet that not only connects humans but machines too, there are still people who do not have access to internet or suffer connectivity issues in our country," said Founder and CEO Jugnoo, Samar Singla.

"Conventional methods of taxi or auto-rickshaw booking through mobile apps are dependent on the internet.

Factoring in both the aspects, we felt there was a need to introduce a feature that enabled our users to avail the same service through the app, even in case of no internet access on their smartphones," added Samar Singla.

"The introduction of this feature is directed towards bridging this gap and providing our users with a robust system to book rides in offline mode.

Through this feature, we intend to provide a commercially practical procedure to book rides in absence of internet connectivity," he added.

The new feature by Jugnoo ingeniously thrives on the longstanding SMS service. In case of low or no internet connectivity, Jugnoo user will have an option to book a ride from their current location or from a list of previously saved geographic locations or by selecting a location from stored map on the user's smartphone.

Additionally, users will also have an option to select their pick up location on the cached map through manual selection.

Once the location has been set by the user and a request for ride is made, a pre structured SMS with location details will be triggered from the user's phone.

On receiving that SMS, Jugnoo servers and third party services will decipher the information and automatically assign the nearest available ride to the customer.

The status and details of the ride will be shared with the user through an SMS. The users also have an option to cancel the booked ride. Once the internet resumes, the ride details and other features associated with the ride will be available for the user through the Jugnoo application.