Now, win (Dollar) 49 lottery to own this island resort!

Melbourne, Jul 25 : Have you ever fancied owning an island resort? Here's your chance, as a family in Australia is casually raffling off their own tourist trap on the island of Kosrae and each ticket costs around 49 USD.

Doug and Sally Beitz, who spent two decades developing the 16-room Kosrae Nautilus Resort in Micronesia, is selling it all just to be closer to their family in Australia, reported.

Any one from anywhere in the world can buy a ticket for the raffle and the winner takes it all, staff and scuba diving business included, at a bargain price.

So far more than 43,900 people from over 100 countries have bought tickets. The Gold Coast couple's son Adam said, "The odds are seriously higher than any standard lotto or prize home." "We always knew this would do well, but we could have never predicted the hundreds of emails addressed to mum and dad from people all over the world telling them how much their story has inspired them and how wonderful the idea is.

It's so overwhelming," added Adam, one of four children, who came up with the lottery idea. The aim was to give the island to someone who wasn't already a millionaire. "We look at ourselves as everyday people - we weren't highly educated people when we came here, just average, basic people," said Doug, adding "We think, with the raffle, we can hopefully leave the island in the hands of someone who's not a millionaire, but in the hands of someone who's just like us.".