Kashmir unrest: Pak PM Nawaz Sharif offers treatment for civilians injured in clashes

Lahore, Aug 7 : Days after Home Minister Rajnath Singh at the SAARC meeting in Islamabad called to stop the glorifying terrorists as 'martyrs', Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif described the Kashmir situation as an "ongoing humanitarian crisis" and swore to offer aid to those injured in the clashes in the Valley with security forces.

In a statement on Saturday, Prime Minister Sharif called upon the international community to call on India to allow Pakistan to arrange for the medical treatment of Kashmiris who had been injured or maimed during the clashes in the region, the Dawn reports.

Sharif said Pakistan wants to provide medical treatment to the injured, particularly those who had been hit by the pellet guns being used by security forces in the area.

"Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called upon the international community to immediately help arrange medical treatment for the victims" in Kashmir, especially for treatment of eye injuries resulting from use of pellet guns by the Indian forces, a Pakistan Foreign Office statement said, "The Prime Minister conveyed Pakistan's unequivocal support in arranging best available medical facilities to these injured people, anywhere in the world." "Indian security forces have also been targeting hospitals and ambulances providing healthcare to the peaceful and defenceless protesters.

Being blinded has severe consequences for the victims and their families; some victims of the pellet guns may never see light again.

Still, they are resolute; they are guided by the light of freedom for the realisation of their right to self-determination.

The world should realize this. Pakistan will continue to support them morally, politically and diplomatically," Sharif maintained in the statement.

Source: ANI