PM Modi won’t get targeted if he decentralises operations: Congress

New Delhi, Aug. 7 : Taking a jibe at the Prime Minister for saying that he is being targeted for everything that happens at every level in the nation, the Congress on Sunday said Narendra Modi won't get targeted if he decentralises the operations.

Speaking to ANI, Congress leader Salman Khurshid expressed his surprise and said he thought the Prime Minister was accustomed to targeting other people.

"Even when he travels abroad, he is targeting India's other leaders, not just of the present generation but of several past generations.

He is now saying that he gets targeted. If he doesn't centralize his operations and he allows decentralisation to happen which is good for any democracy, he will not get targeted," he added.

Khurshid said Prime Minister Modi wants to be targeted when it comes to taking credits, but he doesn't want to be targeted when it comes to taking discredits.

"It's his decision frankly.does he want the good and not the bad. He will not be able to choose. So he should just let other people also get some credit for what is happening in the country," he added.

Prime Minister Modi yesterday said he is being targeted, adding that holding him responsible for everything that happens at every level in the nation can be good politically or for TRP.

"Every responsible person holding a position should be questioned. People should easily get what they want. We want to develop good governance where processes are less and things get done easy for citizens," he said while addressing the concluding session of the Town Hall meeting organised at Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex here on Saturday to mark the second anniversary of MyGov(dot)in.

Source: ANI