Gulliver’s Travels

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gulliver1 Once upon a time there lived an Englishman called Lemuel Gulliver. He and his friends set out on a voyage to the South Seas. A violent storm wrecked the ship and drowned the captain and all the sailors, except Gulliver. After swimming against wind and waves for hours, Gulliver found himself near a land.

Except for small trees, he could sight no one on the shore. As he was tired from swimming, he soon fell into deep sleep on the soft grass.


Gulliver woke up after two days and found his arms, legs and hair tied to the ground. Thin leather strips across his shoulders and chest, held him down. He soon saw tiny men walking on his chest. The straps began to break when the giant like Gulliver tried to sit up and the strange little men ran helter-skelter. gulliver2
These tiny men called Lilliputians soon came back with a message from their King that Gulliver was their prisoner and must be taken to the capital city of this land, called Lilliput. Everyone in Lilliput wanted to see Gulliver. The tiny men brought a lot of food but found it difficult to feed him in spite of using their tiny ladders. The tiny men thought of a way to take this giant Gulliver to their King.They built a platform on wheels, tied Gulliver to it and started
gulliver3 their journey to the capital city of Lilliput. Thousands of Lilliputians thronged the streets to witness the giant. The long march ended in the capital city. Chained Gulliver was released from the platform. He was astonished to see so many tiny men. He knelt before the King and his ministers.

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