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rump5 “Will you be able to turn this hay into gold,” she asked. “Yes, but if only you can give me something in return,” the dwarf replied. She immediately gave him the gold chain she was wearing and gave it to him. The dwarf was satisfied with what she gave and started his work of changing the hay into gold.
The girl went to sleep and when she got up the next morning she was amazed to see all the hay changed into gold. The little was not to be seen. He disappeared after completing the work.
The king was thrilled but ordered the girl to change more piles of hay, put in a bigger cellar, into gold. The girl was in despair and thought this time she would not be able to escape death. Much to her surprise the dwarf appeared again and the girl asked him to convert rump6
The hay into gold and this time she would give him a ring in return. The dwarf did it again and king was surprised to see the hay converted to gold.
rump7 The king for the third time wanted the girl to change another pile of hay into gold. If she does it this time, the King said that he would marry her girl would be his Queen. ” The girl prayed for the dwarf to appear again and come to her rescue. The dwarf appeared. The girl cried for help again and said this time she has got nothing to give in return.
The dwarf agreed to help her on one condition. After she becomes the Queen, he would like to take her first child. Left with no other choice the girl agreed. The entire hay was changed to gold and the overjoyed king married the girl and lived happily. The Queen enjoyed all the royal life and she forgot the word given to the dwarf. rump8


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