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rump9 After a year, the Queen had a lovely boy. One day as she was putting the boy to sleep, the dwarf appeared again and asked her give him her son as per the word given to him. The Queen pleaded him to spare his son.
After repeated requests the dwarf agreed but on a condition. “I shall let you have your child on a condition.
You need to guess my name within three days. I would come on all the three days. If you fail to guess my name, I shall take the child with me,” he said. The Queen ordered the spies to go to differed parts of the kingdom and collect all the unique names.
The dwarf appeared on the first day. The Queen read out a list of names. But the dwarf did not find his name in them.
rump11 The next again the spies brought another list of names. The dwarf reappeared and the Queen read out a fresh list of names. The dwarf again did not find his name in them. Though her messengers brought her a fresh list of names the Queen lost all her hopes and was said that she may have to part with her lovely prince.
Her friend read out the names this time, but the dwarf did not find his name again. The Queen with a heavy heart handed over her boy to the dwarf. rump12
rump12 The dwarf was leaving with the price when an excited messenger rushed in and said “When I was going round last night for names, I saw a dwarf singing and dancing around a bonfire. “Ha, Ha, I think the prince is mine now, as the Queen would never be able to guess my name, ‘Rumpelstiltskin’,’’ I heard him sing, he said.
“Rumpelstiltskin, is your name,” the Queen screamed in delight. The dwarf was stunned when he heard the Queen say his name correctly. The Queen snatched the child from him and kissed him. The dwarf disappeared. The Queen, the messengers and her friends were happy and danced merrily. rump13


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