KJo had to beg Salman not to wear torn jeans in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

New Delhi [India], Oct. 6 : Filmmaker Karan Johar recently appeared on a chat show where he unfolded hilarious incidents that took place on the sets of his first film 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'.

The 44-year-old producer-director narrated the story of how he went on "his knees" and wept "like buckets" in front of actor Salman Khan to pursue him to wear the black suit instead of torn jeans and tee.

"I walked in and there was a black suit which his designer Shabina Khan had designed, all set for the big song and Kajol was in this elaborate lehenga and the set was all palatial," he began.

".and he [Salman] was like 'Hey, I have an idea! I'm going to wear these torn jeans and white t-shirt and I'm going to, like no f*****g dulha has ever worn torn jeans on his sagaai.

And it's going to set a trend and people are going to go mad!'," he revealed. The 'Koffee With Karan' host initially thought Salman was "pulling his legs" for wanting to wear those torn jeans.

After a traumatized five-minute pondering, KJo had to buckle up and started bawling loudly in front of him.

"I was like *waah waah*, please it's my first film, I beg you! Don't do this to me; wear the black suit.

It will look very nice, I promise," he shared. "I don't think he has ever seen a grown man weep like buckets in front of him and he was like yeah, yeah, yeah.

Don't worry, main pehanlunga. Tu rona mat haan, main maar dalunga tujhe, tu rona mat," he went on. "He wore it, and it was fine. I just couldn't believe that he was going to wear torn jeans and I did not know what else to do and when in doubt, you cry and I knew he was kind of soft-hearted and he wouldn't take a huge football in front of him weeping like I did and he wore it and it was fun," he ended.

Source: ANI