Kurlon bags three excellence awards at the coir industry awards

New Delhi [India], Oct.21 (ANI-Newsvoir): Bangalore based Kurlon, India's largest mattress brand has once again reasserted its supremacy in the Indian Coir Industry by bagging three prestigious awards at the Coir Industry Awards Ceremony held in Ludhiana on October 17, 2016.

For the Year 2014-2015, Kurlon has bagged awards for: Best Performance in Domestic Market of Rubberized Coir Mattress Largest Fresh Investment in Coir Industry Research (and) Development Efforts in Machinery Development The Minister for Small and Medium Scale Industries, Mr.

Kalraj Mishra presented these awards to Mr. T. Sudhakar Pai, Managing Director of Kurlon, at the National Awards function organized at Punjab Agricultural University Campus, Ludhiana.

Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi was also present at the event to grace the occasion.

Kurlon has consistently been a front-runner in the rubberized coir industry and has been continuously recognized for its contribution and excellence in rubberized coir products segment and its persistent efforts in researching and developing newer technologies for better products.

The Coir Industry awards aim to motivate the coir entrepreneurs and exporters to improve their performance and achieve greater heights.

The National Awards' function that sees the congregation of the best and the pioneers of the coir industry, recognizes the highest standards of perfection and best contributions while harnessing the new potential for future growth.

Kurlon is India's largest selling mattress company and is also one of the leading manufacturers of rubberized coir mattresses in India.

It manufactures, supplies and sells - rubberized coir mattresses, foam mattresses, spring mattresses, polyurethane foam ("pu foam"), pillows, cushions and bolsters ("pcb"), sofas and home furniture and furnishing products.

The company invested Rs.52.19 crores in the coir industry in 2014-15. During the same period, it also developed and installed 24 innovative technological upgradations in de-fibering of waste rubberized coir cut bits for reuse - aiming quality upgradation, cost reduction, energy saving and zero waste processing.

T. Sudhakar Pai, Managing Director of Kurlon, after receiving the awards said, "These awards are a recognition of our never-ending pursuit of excellence which started 55 years ago.

It is an absolute privilege and an honour to receive the award at the hands of our Prime Minister himself.

The performance and research awards together recognize our continued commitment to both product and process excellence." Coir industry in India has a very long and illustrious history.

The modern coir industry in India dates back to 1859 when the first coir weaving factory was started in Alleppey, Kerala State by Mr.

James Daragh, an enterprising American of Irish origin. Coir industry is an important foreign exchange earner for the country. It continues to play a prominent role in the national economy of India. (ANI-Newsvoir).

Source: ANI