Kylie Jenner in an impromptu Q (and) A session about her breasts

WashingtonD.C. [US], Aug. 27 : Kylie Jenner was down with food poisoning last week. Soon after that when othe Keeping Up With the Kardashianso star shared some photos on social media where she appeared bustier, fans wondered if food poisoning was a code for boob job.

As a result, Kylie participated in what appeared to be an impromptu Q (and) A session on Twitter about her breasts, reports the E!Online.

It began when a fan tweeted, o@KylieJenner everyones saying you got your boobs done when you were down with poisining.o To it Kylie promptly responded, oDo u want to feel them to validate.o Other followers, however, praised the the reality TV star for her busty look.

o@KylieJenner girl your boobs look so good today what is your secret help a sister out,o asked another.

Kylies ultimate response to it shut down anyone questioning whether her chest was natural. oTMI but it's that time of the month,o she admitted. oThey will deflate soon,o she later added. oAnd it will be a sad sad day.o For those women not on their monthly, Kylie recommended two of her favorite bras.

oBomb shell or this one BOMB bra from Victoria Secret that I've had for 4/5 years that they don't make anymore,o she shared.

She also flat out tweeted she onevero got her breasts done..

Source: ANI