Left has degenerated into ‘China-Pakistan mouthpiece’: BJP

New Delhi [India], June 6 : With the Communist Party of India (Marxist) continuing to train guns on the Indian Army Chief over the human shield controversy in the Valley, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came down heavily on the former saying the Left has become a 'mouthpiece' for China and Pakistan.

BJP leader G.V.L Narasimha Rao's strongly worded comment came after the CPI (M) remark that Army Chief General Bipin Rawat was 'reflecting the views of the Narendra Modi government' when it came to dealing with the Kashmir issue.

"Attacking the armed forces is actually an anti-national act and today the CPI (M) and the Congress are culpable of this heinous crime.

I think its time for them to resist themselves from acting in this manner, or else people of this country will teach a lesson to all political parties that are not standing with the army but standing with separatist, army, terrorist, stone pelters and your inimical hostile neighbor.

They have degenerated into China-Pakistan mouthpiece. And this is what they stand for," Rao told ANI. "At a time when the armed forces are fighting a very difficult battle, they have brought the situation under control in a large part of the Valley.

Rather than standing up with your armed forces, which are doing a brilliant job of ensuring internal security, national sovereignty and unity, you have political parties like CPI, CPM, Congress pandering to the separatists elements and speaking the voice of Pakistan," he added.

The CPI (M) in its mouthpiece 'People Democracy' said the remarks made in an interview by the Army Chief Bipin Rawat about dealing with civilian protestors in Kashmir exemplifies all that is wrong with the way the Modi Government is dealing with the situation there.

"Gen. Rawat stated in the interview that: "In fact, I wish these people instead of throwing stones at us, were firing weapons at us, then I would have been happy.

Then I could do what I (want to do)"," the article added. The party in its mouthpiece alleged that General Rawat also defended the wrongful action of Major Nitin Gogoi who had tied a civilian in front of a jeep to act as a human shield and drove his convoy through a number of villages.

"The army chief had given a commendation to the officer even while an enquiry into the action was being held.

Gen. Rawat justified the serious violation committed by Major Gogoi in the following words: "This is a proxy war ....It is played in a dirty way....That is where innovation comes.

You fight a dirty war with innovation"," it added. The mouthpiece said the way Farooq Ahmad Dar, who had gone to vote in the Srinagar by-poll, was caught and tied to a jeep as a deterrent to stone pelters was a shocking incident.

"The army chief of staff, by commending this act, has let down the high professional standards of the army.

Some former serving generals of the army have decried the use of the civilian as a human shield. They have correctly pointed out that the army cannot treat its own people in such a manner," it further said.

It alleged that General Rawat makes no distinction between young protestors throwing stones and armed militants.

"He had, on an earlier occasion, warned that the army would treat all those who do not support army operations or obstruct them during encounters as "overground workers of terrorists".

To taunt protestors to take up arms, so that the army could deal with them appropriately is a needless provocation and displays an attitude which is unbecoming of a senior army officer," the mouthpiece added.

The mouthpiece said that General Rawat is reflecting the views of the Modi Government which seeks to suppress the people of Kashmir, who are voicing their political protest, through the sole reliance on use of force.

"Not only the people of Kashmir but the army itself will suffer irreparable damage due to the government's blind adherence to the use of coercive force against the civilian population," it further said.

Source: ANI