Leslee Lewis is ‘fortunate’ to sing for Hollywood film ‘Trap City’

Mumbai, Feb 11 : Indian singer-composer Leslee Lewis says he is happy to have sung a song for the new Hollywood film Trap City.

Titled Entourage, the song is produced by hip-hop artiste The ATG, and is Lewis' collaboration with rapper Omar Gooding.

"As an Indian artiste, I feel fortunate and proud to lend my voice for a Hollywood song because it is a rare opportunity.

In Hollywood films, there are hardly songs because in the West, the style of storytelling is different, and music in a film is all about background score.

But the track 'Entourage' is a very unique collaboration in which Omar Gooding, a well-known rapper, has written the lyrics, and in the song he raps while I sing.

It is my first Hollywood song and I am very happy," Lewis told IANS.

The ATG added: "When producing this record, I definitely aimed to create a celebratory club record, which is something we could use in these current times.

While this track has a more mainstream sound than most of my work, I still wanted to maintain my usual high production value.

Despite my initial goal of simply making a safe record, I actually found that I was naturally drawing upon multiple genres of music to create a rather eclectic dance tune."

The song released recently on various music streaming platforms.

The film features Brandon T. Jackson, Clifton Powell, Keith Middlebrook and Tamil singer-actor GV Prakash Kumar, and tells the story of a struggling rapper who works for a drug kingpin, and records a song that goes viral hours before his arrest.



Source: IANS