Lifehover app takes charge during emergency numbers fail

New Delhi, Aug 22 : Delhi has become a place where emergencies often turn into mishaps. Emergency numbers are not, all the time, responsive. Moreover, a recent news story reported a 50 year old man who lost his life because calling an ambulance by 102 was in vain as it did not turn up at all.

More similar occurrences have been reported where victims and guardians found it more convenient to act themselves during the time of an accident or medical emergency instead of calling the ambulance through emergency numbers.

LifeHover, the ambulance calling app is breaking the stereotypes, and getting ahead to give real time inputs.

LifeHover App is a reliable app which is based purely on technology. In the condition of trauma, it empowers its users with a precise provision of ambulances. It is distinctly designed for Patient Transport, Basic Life Support (BLS), Advance Life Support (ALS) and Mortuary ambulances.

LifeHover app aims to overcome the challenges of availing a good ambulance at the best possible time which is as less as 10 minutes sometimes.

From the pro-active responses of LifeHover to the reliable characteristics of the android app; it is an all-time life saver when emergency contact numbers fail.

The app has taken charge of trauma care single-handedly. "Social network is flooded with the unresponsive characteristics of the traditional emergency numbers and there is widespread annoyance to live in a country where pizza manages to reach in 20 minutes but an ambulance can take one hour," said Co-founders LifeHover app, Pranav Bajaj, Prerit Mittal and Ravjot Singh Arora.

Source: ANI